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The Benefits of Working on zoom:



Travelling time to venues often affects people's ability to attend counselling sessions but working online allows you to work around your other commitments more easily


Being limited by location also severely limits the choice of counsellor you are able to see.  Working online means that even if you live hundreds of miles away from your counsellor, this isn't a barrier


Working online means not having to worry about whether a counsellor has disabled access to their building or room.  You can do it from the comfort of your own home.


Not only does working online save time and money for travelling, it also means cheaper sessions due to counsellors not having to pay for room costs.  I am able to charge 20% less and pass that saving to you.

Set backs to online? 

Technology requirements

Although working online has wonderful benefits in terms of cost, flexibility and accessibility, it is entirely dependent on technology and internet capabilities so before enquiring please ensure that you have access to the following:

  • A high speed internet connection

  • A device capable of conducting video calls

  • A private space where you feel safe to talk

These 3 things are essential for being able to access high quality online counselling.

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