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I have worked in a variety of mental health support roles as well as counselling with young people, adults and individuals with special needs.  My skills and interests developed in a number of areas such as:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Developmental /Trauma related to childhood abuse and neglect

  • Trauma related to narcissistic abuse

  • Building confidence after / during Domestic Abuse

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Building emotional confidence for people with autism and adhd; (diagnosed or not)

The way I work

My philosophy based on buddhism is that Every person has unique strengths and qualities to uncover and use to create value in their life. The following points characterise some things you may expect from our counselling sessions:

  • Slowly building trust and emotional safety through gentle, honest communication using humor, curiosity and creativity

  • Exploring aspects of personal life stories and relationships, identifying unsatisfying patterns which you might want to change

  • Identifying and supporting personal strengths and healthy aspects of life that brought you to this point.

  • Using empathy and intuition to help you explore important questions you may have about your life

  • Helping you to identify and tune in to your authentic self

  • Always adhering firmly to high ethical standards 

As I am a trained Gestalt counsellor, you may wish to learn more about this incredible form of humanistic counselling.  Please visit for more information

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